Merging Agriculture with other Careers

There is no doubt that agriculture has great potential in Africa. It plays a vital role in the GDP of many countries in Africa, with the potential of employing a big population. Unfortunately, it is being seen as a last resort sector by the youth. However, there are great opportunities for lawyers, engineers, programmers and other professionals to merge their expertise with agriculture. The end result will be a vibrant modernized agricultural sector. Even better, one still gets to enjoy their career, albeit in a different way.  


Several businesses have come up because of the linkages with agriculture. Many of these businesses pay taxes and employ hundreds of people. Lawyers are needed to help with the legal issues and disputes that are likely to arise with employment and running of these businesses. Those practicing farming sometimes find themselves in need of the services of a lawyer due to payment disputes or issues to do with the quality of inputs supplied. All a lawyer needs to do is diversify and be innovative on the services offered with a focus on the need of those in the agriculture sector.

Graphic design

Innovation has not left Agriculture behind. Today, improved seeds, fertilizers and food production methods are being utilized. However, without being notified, farmers may never know of the simplified methods of farming or the availability of disease resistant crops and animals.  By organizing seminars and conferences, farmers will be better informed. For greater effectiveness, it may be more effective to use brochures and flyers. Agribusiness is also being carried online. This needs designers for the business to have an online presence.


Unfortunately, many farmers in Africa do not have their accounts prepared or even updated. Some do not consider their land and produce as a form of business. It could very well be a productive hobby. The only way farming will be considered a viable investment is if the accounts are in order. A farmer should be able to tell if he is making profits or loses. Unfortunately, many farmers have been left on their own with their finances. If professionals gave the farmers a great package on management of the accounts of the agribusiness, the sectors would be more integrated and professional.

App development

This has already been adopted by farmers who are using modern farming methods. Apps have been developed to check the temperature and water levels in greenhouses. One is able to monitor one’s business even at a distance. Rather than concentrating on the over saturated sectors of the economy, more innovators need to think of ways to earn from the agricultural sector.

Agriculture certainly has great opportunities for people from other sectors of the economy. All that is required is creativity. This sector is hungry for professionals to help it grow. The integration between the different sectors of the economy including marketing, consultancy, agronomy and art will help boost productivity and consequently boost the growth and economy of the nations where agriculture is thriving.