Top 5 Ways To Improve Farm Yields

Most farmers in the region of East Africa do experience the issue of poor farm yields. Even those in advanced countries around the world as well as experience this same problem. Successful farming majorly hinges on maximizing crop production in the best way possible. Some of the factors responsible for this shortage of production are either human-made or natural.

This article will be showing some realistic ways on how to improve farm yields. These are simple techniques yet very powerful when it comes to ensuring that farm yields are grown in the right quality and quantity.

1 – Planting Early

Most of the farmers in the region of East Africa lack proper knowledge about how to plant early. One of the vital aspects of planting is choosing an ideal time. Planting has gone beyond putting crops in the ground with the hope that they will germinate and produce eventually. Farmers in advanced countries have a way of testing the soil in order to know whether it will be wise to plant at such time or not.

2 – Soil Rotation Should Be Practiced

Getting recurring crops planted has been discovered to have some adverse effects on overall yield. It is very important that farmers understand how to rotate crops being planted in a soil. This will enable them to get the best of results with regards to yields. For instance, if corn is planted season after season, you will see that the soil will be affected with time. A large percentage of farmers in East Africa are guilty of using the same land to plant one crop over and over again.

3 – Utilizing Fertilizers

This is another nutritious way of improving overall farm yields over a given period of time. Through the use of fertilizer, the soil will be in the best of conditions and such will ensure that crops planted can yield much better product.

Fertilizing should be carried out at during seedling. This will help to provide crops with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and many others.

4 – Quality Seed

It has been discovered that most farmers don’t understand why quality seeds should be used during planting. The importance of using hybrid seeds can hardly be overemphasized in any way. This is because they will not only grow stronger, faster but also with much better efficiency.

5 – Early Weeding

Weeds have a way of getting farmlands compromised. The earlier they are dealt with, the better quantity and quality of farm produce that will be obtained. They’ve not only been discovered to be invasive in nature but can also siphon nutrients which otherwise would have benefited the crops planted on such soil. The fields should be regularly scouted in order to know places where weeds seem to be growing. It is all about devising the best means to control them before they spread out.

In conclusion of the above, it is obvious that farm yields or crop production in East African countries can be increased tremendously with the right strategies in place.