Top Agricultural Machinery Trade Shows In East Africa

Agricultural machinery trade shows bring the wheelers and dealers of the Agribusiness industry together with small hold farmers under one roof to explore what the best minds in the industry have to offer. Both visitors and exhibitors get to cross-pollinate ideas; the exhibitors get to validate the feasibility of their solutions, and visitors get to explore a wide array of equipment and machinery to examine alternative solutions to their various challenges. The following is a list of the top 5 agricultural machinery trade shows in East Africa.

1 – FOODAGRO East African Trade Exhibition

Held across numerous East African countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, the FOOD AGRO East African Trade Exhibition is an event that keeps making bigger waves and attracts a larger number of participants at every new event. Today, it is one of the largest trade events held in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Of the over 20 editions of the event hosted so far, each event is usually attended by exhibitors and visitors from over 30 countries, especially from East and Central Africa. Regular participants of the events include importers, exporters, manufacturers, industry think tanks, etc., all of who converge in the event to explore possibilities for advancements in the most important sector of the economies of East African countries.

2 – Savannah Agro-Tech and Machinery Expo

This trade show is a 3-day event that promotes the products and services of companies across a plethora of agro-allied industries such as agricultural energy, agricultural building, plasticulture, agroecology, etc. Participants at the event usually include marketing and export professionals, packaging experts, plant and animal inspectorate service providers, plant protection experts, post-harvest treatment experts, etc. Other industries that are usually represented in the event include financial sectors, software & hardware, biotechnology, and a host of others.

3 – Farm Tech Expo

This is a two-day event that hosts over 4000+ industry professionals, equipment demos, and live crop trials. The event packs a punch of innovative exhibitions and knowledge impartation programs. With such an impressive lineup of activities and exhibits, the trade show usually brings to the fore innovations that break production milestones and eases farming practices that are in conformity with international standards. Participants also get to witness the latest breakthroughs in areas such as fertilizer application, plant protection, and post-harvest treatment.

4 – Agro AgroTech Ethiopia

Geared to English-speaking countries around Ethiopia, as well as trade visitors from various African countries, this trade event takes place annually in the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa. It exposes both small hold and large-scale farmers to advancements in agricultural technology, animal production, greenhouse technology, and lots more. In addition to exhibitors, small hold and large-scale farmers, the event is usually attended by service companies and trade media. The Agro AgroTech Ethiopia trade event is a production of the collaboration between the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and Fairtrade, who also offer holistic support programs for participants of the event.

5 – Agritech Expo, Zambia

With an attendance figure of over 20,000 farming professionals, 240+ local and international exhibitors annually, the Agritech Expo Zambia is the birthplace of numerous innovations that have raised the standards in the agribusiness industry closer to international standards. The event provides one of the best platforms for promoting business-to-business products and services, and for small-scale farmers to form close business ties with local and international equipment suppliers. The event bolsters the viability of the agribusiness value-chain in the country.