Top Ways to Maintain Farm Machineries

In order for your farm machinery to be very effective when put to use, they require regular maintenance. On the other hand, once they aren’t maintained in the right way, there is every chance that they will not perform as expected. This is why every farmer in the African region should be well sensitized with proper knowledge on the effective ways to maintain their pieces of equipment to enhance farming productivity.

This article will be aiming to highlight some of the ways through which farm machinery can be maintained. One of the major benefits of this is that it will help to reduce the cost that would have been incurred on the possible breakdown of such machinery.

1 – Operator Training

There are different types of large machinery used for farming activities in East Africa, and however, they require different ways of operation. Any piece of farming equipment that isn’t operated the right way will not stand the test of time. It will likely break down when being used.

This is one process that should be continually practiced by hiring companies since employees are being changed on a regular basis and skills become rusty with the passage of time. There is a need to ensure an update of knowledge about how farm machinery should be operated.

2 – Using of Lubricants

This should be done frequently. Through lubricants, friction will not only be reduced as the life of such farming equipment will be extended. According to experts, lubrication is a vital maintenance check which must be carried out. It can be carried out by checking for any indication of excessive oil, leaks within oil seals and accumulation of grease on pistons. The right lubricant should always be made use of.

3 – Looking Out For Wear Signs

Your farm machinery will be in perfect shape and excellent condition once you can check for signs of wear. Farm machinery can break down due to problems such as vibration, age, friction, high temperature, and shock. Whenever you discover that a part of your farm machinery is indicating signs of wear and tear, ensure that it is replaced as soon as possible. This is because it will only be a matter of time before other parts get affected once it isn’t replaced.  

When belts are out of alignment, such can lead to vibration. Shock could be as a result of operation techniques that are poor. There are lots of key components that age can affect. These could be belts warping, seals drying and cracking.

4 – Having A Maintenance Schedule

A proper maintenance schedule will help ensure that you aren’t missing out on farm machinery that would have been checked. Some parts or components need to be checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition. These could be electrical systems, tracks, tires, and fluids. You need to devise a plan in order to ensure that these parts are checked regularly.

In summary of the above, the operation techniques listed above can help to extend the lifespan of farm machinery. They will also help to improve the ROI (Return on Investment) of these pieces of equipment.