Popular Annual Agriculture Events in Africa

Africa understands the potential of farming. This why several farming events are organized across the continent annually. This is done to seek investors and show the world the potential agriculture and agri-business has to the people and the economies in Africa.

These events give trading partners the opportunity to meet and evaluate the progress made in their business. High profile discussions are also held during these events to analyze the future of agriculture, the market and technological advancement in the industry.  

African Agri Investment Indaba

This event is being held between the 27th and 28th of November, 2018. This is a global meeting bringing together people interested in Agribusiness in Africa. It offers excellent networking possibilities among investors, financiers, banks, governments, project developers, project owners, commercial farmers, and the agro-processing industry.

Discussions include the impact of climate on agriculture, innovations to improve agricultural practices in the continent, the current trends in the industry as well as plans to improve food security in the continent.

Agri Trade Congress Africa

This year, this event is being held in the same location and on the same dates as the African Agri Investment Indaba. Although the conferences will be held separately, it is an excellent opportunity to have over 800 high profile delegates in the same venue. This gives attendees the advantage of gaining information from both events. It is also a great opportunity for those involved in the food value chain to interact and discuss their challenges.

The Agri Trade Congress Africa focuses on the game-changing trends that will go against traditional farming and trading trends. No industry in the world can function using the same tactics for a long time. Innovation is critical in business, and this is what this event is about. The participants discuss new opportunities, and strategies to improve the existing and new market structures.

Agro Investment Summit

This event will be held in Abuja, Nigeria between 3-4 December 2018. The focus of this summit will be:

  • Cross border partnerships between financial institutions
  • Importance of private and public partnerships in agro-development
  • The impact of tariffs on trade today and the effect it will have on future trading
  • How taxes have affected agro-food relationships in Nigeria
  • How to attract foreign direct investment and partnership

Agro Techno East Africa

This event has been scheduled for the 22nd to 24th February 2019 in Nairobi. This event has attracted exhibitors from over 16 countries. The aim is to showcase the available technology that will improve farming practices leading to an increase in productivity. Farmers, traders, and innovators will have the opportunity to interact and form partnerships.

The Agro& Poultry International Trade Show will also be taking place at the same venue and on the same dates. This event’s focus will be on agriculture, poultry farming, and veterinary practices. The market for poultry products in Africa is a large one. Discussions will be held regarding the existing and emerging markets.

Sudan Poultry Expo

This event is scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd of February 2019. It will take place at the Khartoum International Fair Ground. Poultry farmers, traders and investors are expected to interact in this event and form linkages to bring growth to the industry.

Pan African Poultry Congress (PPS)

This event will take place 13th – 17th May 2019 at the Campus of University of Lome, Togo, West Africa. It has been organized by the World Poultry Science Association – Togolese Branch (WPSA – Togo) and The Regional Centre of Excellence for Poultry Science (CERSA). Expected to attend are over 200 delegates from Togo and other countries. Experts attending will discuss;

  • Egg and meat processing
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Reproduction and incubation
  • Environmental management of poultry farms

Nampo Harvest Day

This is a trade fair that takes place annually in South Africa. This event showcases some of the new farming products and equipment. The first event was held in 1967. Farmers who have taken the initiative to include innovations in their farming practices are usually awarded during this event. One of the popular segments is the demonstration of the available machinery that farmers can use to make their work easier and reduce loses. This event typically attracts over 500 exhibitors and 20,000 guests. The next Nampo Harvest Day is scheduled for 14-17 May 2019.

African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)

This is one of the most important agriculture events in Africa. It is a forum that brings together stakeholders and leaders. During these forums, the leaders of African countries commit to policies that are designed to help Africa overcome the challenges it faces in food production. The first forum was held in 2010. This platform usually attracts speakers from various industries which support the agriculture sector. The 2018 conference took place in Kigali, Rwanda. Countries that have hosted this event include Ivory Coast, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Ghana.

African countries have several agriculture events held annually. Most of these events are held for the local farmers and industry stakeholders. However, some, like the ones above, attract regional and international stakeholders. These events have different themes annually. The focus is to improve agriculture practices through the introduction of drought-resistant seeds, fertilizers, and machinery. These events hold the promise of a more prosperous Africa through the use of innovative agricultural practices.